Thursday, May 9, 2013

Life in Riparia

I snapped out of a recent pense remembering that in nearby Riparia, some fellow creatures are morphing into flyers. This invertebrate maturation gives the trout-smitten a chance to focus on good drifts and hook sets,  for which we are grateful.

These creatures are brachycentrus (if you know what I mean). The adults flutter erratically, simply hoping for a mate so they can send their genes downstream. They live fast, trying to avoid the ubiquitous perils, and it's over as quickly as it began. We humans are left with photos, memories, and the hope that we will someday see their descendants and do it all again, over and over until we ourselves get caught in one of our own perils.

It’s hard to maintain perspective on our wonderful lives day-in and day-out. If only I had some sort of David Foster Wallace speech everyday. And fishing helps.


Kevin Frank said...

Never quite seen bugs balled up like that before. Interesting.

Joshua Bergan said...

That was the Yellowstone River, Mother's Day caddis, 2009.