Friday, September 27, 2013

Going deep

Anglers analogize. Consider Midcurrent's Fly Fishing Jazz column, or the ubiquitous golf comparison. Both are apt, but I prefer baseball.

In that game, if you're swinging for the fences, you also better be willing to strike out. Dingers and whiffs go together like Zonkers and strips.

Streamer fishing is similar. It takes commitment, confidence, and lust for the grandiose. It requires ignorance of the easily attainable; mayflies are meaningless on streamer days. It can be hard to resolve for one long ball when you're confident you can knock a few singles, though.

But sometimes merely advancing the runners doesn't help. Sometimes a base hit is as good as getting caught looking. And sometimes, a meatball sails waist high over the outer half of the plate...

A tape-measure creature, in a pitcher-friendly ballpark. 


Anonymous said...

Nice fish! Glad you didn't leave Dozier stranded at third.

Joshua Bergan said...

Haha. We proudly trotted 'round the bases. Say hi to Patty G. for me!