Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The people we meet

"I've been thinking lately 'bout the people I meet..." - Fish and Whistle, John Prine

People to whom fly-fishing has introduced me, or with whom fishing has strengthened our bond.

Whether or not visitors fish, we share time on the water. Really, what better way to experience a slice of Montana or to share a memory than to convene at the waterside, the same places our ancestors first settled? As visitor season winds down, we have a chance to reflect on the relationships.

Blogger friends who I'd never met, fellow writers, Wilderness Adventures Press' authors, guides helping research articles, fishy friends of friends, brothers-in-laws of college friends, traveling photographers, friends and family... Cheers to you all. I hope to see you again streamside.

Jed from Sula Mountain Fly Fishing showing us how to fish skwalas.
Liz's brother Eric, privy to a once-in-a-lifetime
brown-drake hatch his first time fly fishing.
Ok, this was in Wyoming... but connecting with fish and
 friends along the upper Green was a treat.
Brady getting into some root-snag rainbows a day after
Yellowstone's Black Canyon.
Russ fishing dries (and why wouldn't he?)
while comparing industry notes.
Lindsey making use of a dropper while out-fishing the "fishers". 
Casting ants on the Missouri, "impressing" Liz's father.
Charlie, on a previous trip. Didn't get to fish with him this time,
but it was good to catch up.

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