Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Family reunions, romantic getaways, respites from the mundane, drug binges, and more

National Forest cabin log books can be infinitely intriguing – mostly funny, but also weird, whiny, and sentimental. People use these former ranger stations for family reunions, romantic getaways, respites from the mundane, drug binges, and more I'm sure. I left my mark at the Porcupine Cabin on the westslope of the Crazy Mountains sometime around 2008 in photo form. No that's not John Goodman – in fact that's me.

Here are a few comments from the “HOW WAS YOUR STAY?” column in the East Fork Guard Station log book on the East Fork of the Bitterroot River:
  • Full emancipation from mental slavery
  • Scount.
  • Was hard to be here this time after losing our dog Max in April. He loved it here – we still enjoyed it.
  • !Sickbird!
  • Rats live under this cabin and want everything you have. Be wary. They will pack YOU off. Best cabin in MT...Love it long time. 
  • Fire, pizza, music, beers, good luvin' (in that order)
  • [Troup 94 from Darby]: It was prefick.
  • Great elk camp.
  • Don't eat red or yellow snow
  • Music, whiskey, food...repeat.
  • You know it was S-I-C-K-B-I-R-D!
  • We got our cow elk, saw a moose, caught some brook trout, all without getting lost , Plenty of “GAS” left in cabin. Axe needs fixed.
  • Leap year. Enjoyed our extra day. This was a gift we both needed. Read some Thoreau and Emerson – lots of snow and great friendship.
  • Except for the hard time getting my mask off, it's pretty fun!
  • Fish, fish, fish, eat, relax, aah! Thank you – the fire pit is awesome. Great fishing too.
  • Great stay! No bugs, super facility, no phones, lots of cutthroats and 3 less pack rats!
  • Great cabin, many fish and quite a ham!
  • Bigfoot stole my baby
  • The dogs went crazy for a very large rabbit under the porch. Had a relaxing time.
  • Loved drawing on the windows that had fog. Also did Jiffy Pop.
  • No phone, no TV, no work, no asshole neighbors, no nagging mother! This is heaven!
  • Great cabin. Fishing was excellent.
  • Beautiful. No fish though, might have found some gold or maybe it's fake.
  • Great fishing, wonderful time with family.
  • Still love the East Fork!
  • Not fun!
  • Awesome/great hiking! Fishing & togetherness! Don't tell anyone about this place! Nature always wins......perfection.
  • Herd lots of owls.
Obviously you'll want to herd owls. But most of them were nice comments about what great places the national forest service cabins are. And they are. And I learned that the kids say "sickbird". 

My comment? “This cabin retains temperature really well.”


Brian J. said...

Instant favorite: "Bigfoot stole my baby"

haha nice-- I don't think I want to know what "jiffy pop" represents.

Joshua Bergan said...

I think my favorite is "Except for the hard time getting my mask off, it's pretty fun!" Maybe it meant mascara, but I hope not. Regardless... and these were pretty tame compared to some cabins.

Kevin Frank said...

Sickbird must be a serious inside joke. I like the herd owls comment.

Joshua Bergan said...

"phrase used to decribe something overly incredible"; also: "Something that is illegal. Derived from the aforementioned word to form 'ill-eagle', then using synonyms, ie. 'sick' for 'ill' and 'bird' for 'eagle'". Oh, the youth.