Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The time has come, the stakes have risen

The time for fiscal responsibility has passed and the time to fish has come.

In order to make my trip to the Olympic Peninsula happen, I've had to request my paycheck early, acquire a second credit card and put basically the entire trip on it, postpone bills, let my travel partner pay for more than his fair share (he insists he's happy to), drink shitty beer, wish-and-wash, and stress far more than I'm used to. If I wasn't confident it'll be worth it, I would never consider doing any of that.

After pulling all that, there's a slight chance I could be a dirt-bag fly fisherman after all (even so, you won't hear about my "sick" or "epic" trip, although I might mention how wonderful or terrific it was ... so probably still not
a dirt bag).

And then came the announcement that "most" steelhead fishing in Washington will close on February 1. Frig. Apparently, the OP should be good to go. 

All things considered, the stakes have risen. Better catch something. Or at least see something cool...

Monday, January 2, 2012

Fishing it off

Clay, Brady and Josh D. "fishing" it off.
While most folks sleep off their new year's hangovers, a certain group of anglers prefers to fish it off. We try to make a tradition of fishing Depuy Spring Creek in Paradise Valley, Montana, each January 1. I believe Sunday was our fourth trip. Fishing was hot and cold, but I had my best day at any of the Paradise Valley spring creeks (incidentally, Josh D. said it was one of his worst - go figure). Streamers would work, then nymphs, then nothing, then streamers... But above all, it's a great way to start a new year. Cheers!
Will, high-sticking.

Cramming in a few final drifts.