Monday, January 2, 2012

Fishing it off

Clay, Brady and Josh D. "fishing" it off.
While most folks sleep off their new year's hangovers, a certain group of anglers prefers to fish it off. We try to make a tradition of fishing Depuy Spring Creek in Paradise Valley, Montana, each January 1. I believe Sunday was our fourth trip. Fishing was hot and cold, but I had my best day at any of the Paradise Valley spring creeks (incidentally, Josh D. said it was one of his worst - go figure). Streamers would work, then nymphs, then nothing, then streamers... But above all, it's a great way to start a new year. Cheers!
Will, high-sticking.

Cramming in a few final drifts.


Lefty Angler & Flies said...

I had great time at DePuy on 31st & 2nd. I even saw a pod of rising trout for a while then ducks swam above them......Happy New Year!

Josh Bergan said...

I see you've been fishing there a lot. I usually only go once or twice a year, but it's always fun. Enjoy!