Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Psst - don't eat that"

A buddy and I were talking about something he recently read - apparently, carp release pheromones once hooked that tell other carp of danger. I'd heard years ago about catfish "screaming" when hooked to alert others. And today, I read an article on about birds who use a certain "cacophony" upon finding a dead companion.

From that article:  "In other words, the birds tell each other about a dead companion, and so individually and collectively the scrub-jays may learn something about predation risks. By calling in others (the cacophonous aggregations), they may be more likely to drive a predator away or to warn relatives and mates of danger." - Barbara J. King

This may tell us something about how trout evolve to be more selective - they learn that eating certain "food" can cause them to be pulled to shore, and general leeriness of suspect food becomes the m.o. Maybe they then can share what they've learned to be "hook-ful food" with others, and eventually they collectively (and slowly) learn to identify a Stimulator or Girdle Bug as a no-no, at least now and then.

Or maybe trout are just instinctual animals that cannot help but eat what appears to be food.
"AAAAHHHHH!", the trout said.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Honesty in photography

Which photo do you prefer? I'm kinda torn, as I like elements of both. The top photo is more "honest", but the bottom photo is more eye-catching and interesting, in my opinion. Is "honesty" in photos always of the utmost importance? Ever? Do you appreciate a little artistic license? Note the higher detail in the "enhanced-photo" trout's eye - is that worth the added saturation? Do you feel "lied to" or cheated if the photo has been enhanced beyond the real-life scene? Lay it on me!