Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sulphur and sage

Yellowstone National Park is a carnival for the senses. The ears ride the quiet of the night, the bugle of the autumn elk, and the swishing of the tumbling river. The nose plays with aromas of sage and odors of sulphur and buffalo shit. The skin likes the cold water that wraps around its legs and the geyser steam that dances upon it. And the eyes trip out on the visual Arcadia - the colors alone can consume the retina. Yellowstone, black canyon, orange slashes, whitefish and rainbow trout, grey wolves, brown bears and red foxes. Blues and oranges of hot springs, browns of mud pots, and azures of rivers and lakes. Every shade of green plus a few proprietary ones. Yellowstone is a gold mine.

We fished the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone River on Friday with family from Duluth. We got most of the fish on Chubby Chernobyls, Humpies, Bloom's Parachute Flying Ant, but Liz successfully manipulated the Woolly Bugger a few times. A few whities, a few rainbows, but mostly cutthroat. I'd go back...

Walked directly through our site, #82, and did this on the adjacent hill...

Not Yellowstone, but the morning after.

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