Thursday, March 27, 2014

Steelhead bugs and monkeys

On good days, I feel honored and lucky to have hooked it. On bad ones, I'm haunted by the fact that it popped off about a switch rod's length from my feet. It was the only steelhead with whom I've interacted. For as much as I claim to have avoided the steelhead bug, that sticks with me.

Given a second chance, I was on board. It meant dusting off Dec Hogan's classic A Passion for Steelhead, and trading hours of trout fishing for time spent trying not to blow my anchor with my switch rod. But I owe my dues if I want the steelhead monkey off my back.

I was reminded by my local steelheader (who just spent a week and a half in Forks, Wash. - for one fish) that I can't expect to catch anything.

But I'll do my best to fish confidently.

I have two days.

We head to Portland next week.


Tim Gerke said...

Did you catch anything??

Joshua Bergan said...

No sir. Didn't touch a fish, but my buddy witnessed a hatchery hen get landed from a run we'd been fishing. Fished hard for two days, but so did a bunch of other guys on the limited number of "swingy" runs. Good time regardless. Dues: paid (tho not in full).