Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ten things about Belgrade, Montana

You probably know a thing or two about Bozeman, Montana, but probably not nearby Belgrade (where my fiance and I have set up shop). We sometimes get to lamenting our little bedroom community as lame and lacking in character, but it has it's qualities. I've highlighted 10 things to love about Belgrade, Montana.

The water tower during the "Millie Fire" of 2012.
  1. Madison River Brewing Company. The brewery, our brewery. The best beer and the best brewery ambiance I've found. Living in Belgrade would be difficult without our beloved brewery. 
  2. Amaltheia Dairy. You ain't shit until you've indulged in Amaltheia's goat cheese. Seriously. 
  3. Curry Express Indian Restaurant. Closed circuit to the owners: "Please don't leave." We love the food and diversity so much that we're trying to single-handedly offer them enough business to keep going. They were delightfully (and probably rightfully) surprised when someone from Belgrade knew what naan was. If you're in Belgrade, you must try the curry. 
  4. Actor Phillip Winchester. A Belgrade native and the brewery's most high-profile and polite patron. He's great, really. 
  5. The Bozeman Airport (BZN). It's actually in Belgrade, and this proximity is marvelous for our airbound guests. It brings excitement through our town in the way of celebrities, like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel eating at McKenzie River Pizza, Jeff Bridges getting his photo taken with a kid wearing a shirt of the dude (in a Simms shirt, no less), and well-substantiated rumors of Tiger, Oprah, John Mayer and more. Oh and POTUS.

  6. A standard rainbow from the "East". 
  7. The East Gallatin River. It's the quintessential small stream with big fish. Unintimidating for rookies with enough bends and challenge for veteran anglers. Marvelous thing to have four miles from your door. Oh and POTUS fished it.
  8. The autoharp-playing lady at Desert Rose's Thursday Jam who sings about Belgrade. Have a couple beers, grab a partner, and immerse yourself in all the Belgrade that surrounds you.
  9. Beaumont Greens. It's the badass name of our neighborhood. While all of Belgrade offers relative real-estate affordability coupled with proximity to Bozeman, mountains, rivers and the rest of Montana, Beaumont Greens offers minimal covenants and no home-owners associations like those that plague the younger housing developments. 
  10. Max's Old Time Barber Shop. This new-ish fixture, located in the Stageline Pizza building, is full of classic charm blah blah blah... He has cold beer in the fridge, which customers are welcome to. What else do you need to know? Also, Max rocks a 'doo straight outta Three Dog Night - who wouldn't want a barber with such impeccable taste in hair styles? Two barbers cut at a time and the price is good. 
  11. The Chalet Market: Everything Montana, food-wise. Buffalo, elk, cheeses, sandwiches, bison burgers, bacon, chocolate, and of course, beer and wine. Perfect for gifts for folks east of here.
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Rich said...

The Wednesday Rib Special at the Bar 3 BBQ is food coma worth a mention. Get you some Hoppin John too!

Josh Bergan said...

Good call Rich. Bar 3's breakfast is probably the best in town, as well.

Anonymous said...

Randall used to cut my hair when I was a kid.

Josh Bergan said...

Randall is missed, but Steve and Chris are great too.

Unknown said...

Nice! And Kostas is great.

Joffery Stark said...

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Josh Bergan said...

I am outdoor lover, Joffrey! I will buy several of those properties - thanks for sharing!