Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Up is hard

There's no strategy for hiking. You just put left before right along a path. It's mindless, cathartic, and healthy, and usually takes you somewhere good. But as was noted on our first mountain-lake trip of the year on Sunday, "up is hard".

We did about 12 miles round trip with about 1,500 feet in elevation gain, which I believe is my biggest distance-day ever, with or without elevation gains. The trip was part of a years-long high-country fly-fishing project just getting underway, which will require many more uphills.

One "up" down, and I'm feeling empowered...


Lester Kish said...

Hi Josh....have you ever heard of the North Dakota disco? It applies to foot placement in hiking. 'Dis go here, dis one go there, dis go here, dis go there. Sorry, just couldn't resist.

Twelve miles, pretty good. Likewise looking forward to fishing the high country.

Josh Bergan said...

I haven't, but I bet it'll be stuck in my head on the next hike! Thanks Lester.