Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Wild Man of Wise River

I took advantage of the terrible weather to camp in the Wise River valley - I love it over there. I had the entire campground to myself on Memorial Day Weekend. The Wise itself has bank-full and turbid, but there is much fishing to be done over there.
Got up to a lake near Wisdom that I was told had grayling - it does.
Then fished a sweet new spot on the Big Hole, but all I got where whities. There was an excellent March brown hatch and fish were looking up - I believe they were trout, but not positive.
This morning, I fished a little crick next to my campground that looks excellent - probably better when it's a little lower tho. I managed a 13-inch brown trout however.
A wonderful 24 hours spent in the Big Hole - I might retire over there.


Josh said...

Does that spot/fish in my profile pic look familiar? I try to keep that one on the down low - don't be offended if I delete your comment after a few days.

Bigerrfish said...

I see I see,,,
so the answer to my original question is... Yea it is my secret spot. ? I wont be offended in the slightest... good luck up there.

Josh said...

Yeah, that's definitely one of 'em. For the amount of traffic up there, if it was well known, I gotta believe it'd get hammered. A fair number of people know, but not the masses.

Will Jordan said...

Wishing I'd have tagged along...sounds like a good trip! The weather must have helped thin the crowds. I haven't spent nearly enough time in the Wise River country, but when I have gotten up there I really liked it.

Josh said...

Yeah Will - it was good. I would take that kind of weather every weekend if it meant I could have that much space to myself.