Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ora to Vernon again

If you want to know what makes Henry's Fork of the Snake River Henry's Fork, go.
I've only gotten wet there a couple times for a couple hours for a couple stonefly hatches, and I only landed one small rainbow.
But yesterday, Brady clued us in as we floated Ora to Vernon. Twice. It's a short float, and the streamer bite had picked up at the end of the first run. By the time we bellied up at the TroutHunter, we'd all caught fish on nymphs, dries and streamers, and moved big fish, hooked nice ones, and landed one good fish.
Now repeat after me...
My motivation to revisit is strong. Everything a trout fisher hopes for is at Henry's Fork (except complete solitude, but I'm guessing it exists sometime, somewhere).
Photos of the day:

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