Sunday, September 1, 2013

The equinox nears

As we look forward to another hot Labor Day, we reminisce about past Labor Days when fall had started early. In 2008, for example, we slammed grayling in a local reservoir on a cool, drizzly day. We were hoping for one of those again, but we'll settle for 90s and sun.

We have relatively few options for a full-day's fishing due to the weather (the rivers get too darn hot for trout), so this reservoir is one of our only nearby options, though it's said to be the "busiest trailhead in Montana".
Last Labor Day's weather was about like this year's. We fished a gorgeous little creek near Idaho that kicked ass on the opener, but was really tough on Labor Day. Could've been the heat, the summer fishing pressure, or just a fickle day.

It's about the time that grayling start schooling near the inlets so it can be fruitful to swing a mini-San-Juan worm or bright scud at our aforementioned reservoir. But I suspect they haven't started migrating due to this heat, so maybe we'll see some cutthroat and brookies. And sit tight for another week while we wait for autumn to slowly arrive.


john said...

What a brutal summer, eh? At least in the Missoula area it has been. I've never been so anxious for summer to just end, dammit!

Nice grayling in the "aforementioned" reservoir...except you forgot to mention where it was!

Joshua Bergan said...

Yeah, it hasn't be easy to find cool water this year. Just heard they're shutting the entire Blackfoot drainage down this week, too. Eesh. The grayling was from (redacted) Reservoir, south of (redacted) on (redacted) Road up (redacted) Canyon.