Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Road beers?

If you've lived or fished in Montana for any period of time, maybe you've heard of the fishing tradition known as "road beer." It refers to passengers drinking a beer in the car or truck on the ride home.

I'm not advocating it, not saying I've done it, and definitely not condoning the driver participating. But it's a thing that happens and it's probably not the most destructive behavior ever.

Which I believe is to Montana House Rep. Daniel Zolnikov's (R-Billings) point. He has introduced a bill in the 2017 legislature that would again allow passengers in vehicles to have open containers of booze, in the interest of personal freedom.

Time for a beer?

According to an article featured in the Missoulian newspaper: "He listed several times when a passenger might want to drink while the driver does not, which he argued would not affect public safety: driving to a fishing hole, returning home from hunting, at the end of a community baseball game, or hopping in the car to help a friend move something while setting up an event."

Opponents argue it would divert federal funds from repairs (or other discretionary uses) to safety programs, a mandate for states that allow open containers. And would make drinking while driving easier.

Either way, it's hard to get more Montana than this.


Larry Day said...

Well it used to be more Montana than that, when the driver could imbibe as well. It was legal to drink and drive but illegal to drink too much. Seemed downright civilized to me. :) We'll just have to cherish the memories, for those days are unlikely to return.

Josh Bergan said...

Wow, I wasn't around for that. I arrived shortly before the open container law was changed, but we did get one good road trip to Missoula in :)

rcspott said...

We always call it a "road soda" ...

rcspott said...

A let's not forget about the no speed limit

Josh Bergan said...

Ha, road soda.