Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mahogany duns

I am really starting to get skeptical about fly shop fishing reports (one unnamed shop, in particular, which I frequent based on promixity). Some examples:
  • "Blue winged olives seem to be the predominant hatch in the late afternoons making for some good dry fly fishing on the overcast days." Wrong. The dominant hatch has unquestionably been the mahogany duns. They're all over, sunny or overcast. There has been sparse bwo hatches on overcast days, but that's it.
  • A buddy of mine was recently in this same shop, and they told him there aren't actually October caddis on the Gallatin. They said that while these bugs look like October caddis, they're actually something else, a couple sizes smaller. (buzzer sound). While the Gallatin does get these smaller bugs (that are still big, orange caddis, just have lighter-colored wings and are a couple sizes smaller than the 'real' October caddis - the same patterns will work for both), it definitely, without a doubt, gets October caddis. They're size 6 to size 8, have dark wings, and the distinct vein pattern that the 'real' October caddis have.
  • No shop's fishing report has ever mentioned the October caddis hatch on the Gallatin. If they truly knew the river and what was going on, October caddis would definitely get a mention because Orange stimmies (or any dry caddis pattern tied in a size 8 with an orange body) will get voracious strikes anytime after 6 p.m. in September and early October. If you see even a single October caddis, tie one on, cuz the fish will go bonkers for it.
  • "The Yellowstone has been fishing well. Cloudy weather will make for thick baetis hatches, and streamer fishing is continuing to improve." Wrong. The baetis have been virtually absent thus far, and the fish are definitely not chasing streamers yet. Ask somebody who's fished it lately. Seriously...
I could continue, but ... I just wish the spread of disinformation would cease. If you don't know, say you don't know. Don't just pretend.

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