Saturday, July 4, 2009

The search for a fishable evening caddis hatch

I fished the upper Ruby yesterday with the intention of staying until dark to finally fish an evening caddis hatch on clear, moving water. Well, the water was clear, but the skies weren't and I was washed away by about 6 p.m. Alas, I had many options on the drive back to Belgrade. So I stopped at the lower Ruby near the dam - no caddis. Even further down the Ruby at Alder Bridge - caddis, clear water and risers - but the water was running so high that I could not get underneath a bridge to the rising fish (and I wasn't about to try anything funny with those notorious four-wheelin' Ruby River landowners keeping watch). Then there's the upper Madison - but I decided to forgo it in favor of the lower as time was running short and I knew right where to go on the lower. Or did I. There was a good hatch (bright, white caddis) and clear water, but, as has been the case there lately, no rising fish. I did catch a good brown drake hatch, but again, thefish didn't care. I'm gonna try again tonight somewhere around Livingston. Here's hoping...

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