Saturday, March 20, 2010

Macro what? Wha-cro lens?

I promised my dog I'd spend some time with him today, but I also thought I'd try to sneak in some fishing, so I headed over to the Yellowstone across from Mayor's Landing. Alas it was quite windy (I'm sure it was more than the 26 mph winds that said), so I decided to hike along the river instead of fish.

Along the way, I stopped to check for bugs and got some photos with my Canon point-and-shoot. I used the "super macro" and am impressed with the results. You can virtually put the end of the lens on the subject and it still focuses, and it was way easier than my slr macro lens to hold steady. It makes me wonder if I shouldn't put the lens on the open market and get some cash for it.
Incidentally, the baetis are looking semi-cooked - they didn't look quite ready to pop.
From top to bottom: Midge larva, baetis nymphs, cased caddis.


Bigerrfish said...

Nice close up pics... I have been doing a little bug prospecting myself,, funny how we want to see what weha ve seen a hundred times isn't it?

I often find myself looking under rocks and digging through the moss when I damn well should be... squating down looking accross the water.. Or slightly hunched over having a staring contest with a seam.

One time, a not so rich or famious person told me,.. "Quit looking under rocks and digging through the trash".. "It is equal to closing your eyes and turning your head!!!"
The fish can't flip rocks, nor can they hold a piece of moss in the air until the larva wiggles out...

Never the less, I like reading your blog and I am now a follower of yours... Everything else said Nice prospecting pictures.... up-close,,,, fish on <//*<

Lucas Carroll said...

Nice Blog Josh. I just added it to my roll and put a link on my Proven Patterns blog. I will be reading future posts for sure.

Bigerrfish said...

Thank you Luke. I just added you to mine as well under, Other People Who CATCH trout.

Josh Bergan said...

Thanks Luke - I'll keep puttin' it out there.
And thanks bigerrfish for the nice words. Sometimes I think I'm more interested in finding bugs than catching fish.

Josh Bergan said...

And I reciprocated the link Luke.