Sunday, August 15, 2010

Understanding the fish gods' plan

I was all excited to fish Hebgen gulpers, but the fish gods had another plan for me. Got there early, they gulped sporadically on tricos til about 9:30, then the wind and rain came and the fish retreated. I checked in at Blue Ribbon Flies and was told today, there would be no gulping, for it was windy.

Instead, I was told to make the pilgrimage to Three Dollar Bridge on the upper Madison, where fish are plentiful enough to feed the multitude. It was good - actually fished a baetis hatch in August. There is a time for every hatch under heaven (baetis isn't usually August though). Caught a couple in the 17- to 18-inch range on a Sparkle Dun. Also got the Clouser to work, but not on big fish.

While I'm all about fishing new and/or small water, it was kind of nice to fish big, easy water. No hiking necessary and good fishing (almost) guaranteed.
Saturday we floated the lower Madison. Can't beat floating under the sun, drinking beer, catching lots of fi... - oh wait. We maybe boated three 8-inch trout, all on streamers, all by Jake. There were rises and chases, but few.
Why, fish gods, have you forsaken me?
Alas, we must have faith, for skunks are the devil's work.
Go in peace, catch some fish.


nick said...

dude sometimes the fish gods just wanna see how ya handle bad karma, if you have had alot of fun the past few days that probably did it...hang in there though, next time will be a slaying

Josh Bergan said...

Hopefully. Hopefully we start seeing those hoppers they were predicting.