Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sweetheart, the noodly streamer rod

I literally pulled it out of the garbage of my old residence. It was in tough shape, but usable. I rewrapped a few guides and it was ready to fish. My old new fiberglass 7 weight streamer rod is a Wright and McGill Sweetheart, and it's a trip.

It's so noodly, you have to be careful, on the hike to the river, that the wobble doesn't gain too much momentum and quake the rod from your grip, off into the distance (if this happens, let go - the wobble is strong with this one). Long may you wobble, Sweetheart.
What better place to put the 'glass streamer rod to use than the Jefferson? The only fish to bend the noodle were small but it was fun.

The Jefferson is surprisingly scenic - I always thought of it as a nondescript, scrubby, warm-ish river, but it was gorgeous.
Here's to bigger bends in the noodle.

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