Monday, October 11, 2010

Yesterday my life was filled with clouds

so we decided to give the Jefferson another shot as conditions were ideal for a river that is basically a streamer show - clouds and rain, October, brown-trout river. Alas, it was a bust. We boated a couple dinks. Hooked a big rainbow, but only for a few seconds.
I went for a bike ride today, and as anglers are wont to do, gave every water I passed by the once over. I indeed found a couple ponds that were chock full of sunnies, bass and carp. The sunnies were feasting on midges as well as any trout I've seen, and the carp were eating something on top occasionally and plowing their snouts through the bottom when not rising. I will get back soon, with rod in hand.

To quasi-quote Dusty Springfield:
"The dark days are done
The bright days are here...

...Sunnies, one so true -
I found you."


Ryan said...

Sometimes you're the hammer and sometimes you're the nail. Thants' the way it goes brother. You'll get'em next time.

the Average Joe Fisherman

Bigerrfish said...

nice boat!

Josh Bergan said...

Thanks. I'm blessed to fish with the owners of such a boat.

Troutdawg said...

That's a sweet looking boat!

Josh Bergan said...

It is a sweet boat - not mine tho. I'll pass along the nice words to the owner and craftsman.