Saturday, July 2, 2011

There's always somewhere,,,

There's always somewhere to fish, right? I wondered this morning when both of my go-to lakes where gated off, presumably due to snow on the road. In July.
So I drove up a ways on the Flying D Ranch to check out Spanish Creek. It looked good, tannin, fast, bank-full. Since it would've be tough to stay in the water, and this is one place you definitely want to stay within the rules, I decided it was a no-go.
There was one more place I could try - a short, unnamed, spring creek. It was gin clear. I tracked down some fish near its mouth, but they were extremely spooky and they didn't give me much consideration. But I fished.
Chocolate milk and gin. Click for larger image.
So until I find otherwise, there's always somewhere to fish in southwest Montana.

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