Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Boat envy

I've cultivated a reputation as a noteworthy drift boat captain for the wrong reasons. In three experiences total, I've knocked a buddy out of the boat (Jim Beam made me) on the lower Madison, aimlessly pirouetted around Hyalite Reservoir (I was honestly helpless but to spiral back to the ramp - without Mr. Beam's influence), and, in a rare proud moment, had an uneventful float down a short stretch of Jefferson River. 

Therefore I've been pretty content to ride instead of row, and my boat-owner friends have been content to let me.

But last weekend I developed a concentrated case of boat envy. Within 24 hours of seeing Will's new Water Master, I had one on the way. I have to believe it's the safest way for me to learn to float a Western river.

They open up so much water, big and small, slow and fast, moving and otherwise. We are looking forward to good times on hard-to-get-to water.

To conclude a terrific week:

Friday: Pick up Water Master
Saturday: Drift into the fluvial cosmos...


Bigerrfish said...

looks like a fun little tool...
looking forward to the reports!

Josh Bergan said...

Thanks! I'm going to try to get it out this weekend!