Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fading into winter

During the week, life takes its toll. But at the end, we fish places like the Firehole River and concerns fade as the circles of a trout rise fade into the geyser steam. We cast our flies at these circles among the peaks, cliffs, fields, pines, boulders, smells and sulphury mist within a couple hours of our home.
About a week ago, in fact, we fished the Firehole River for Yellowstone National Park's closer. Even in November and probably well into the high-country winter, the Firehole is reliable for mayflies and low angler density (it closes the first Sunday, to be sure). Muleshoe Bend is the only place to be this weekend.
Then we gorge on a giant calzone, drive north through the Gallatin Canyon, and the week starts again...

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