Thursday, October 12, 2017

Duckworth Vapor Hoody

I don't care for sunscreen or bug spray, so I like long sleeves even in summer. But sleeves are too warm for many high-summer high-noon high-elevation days. So this summer, I tried out a breathable long-sleeved shirt: Duckworth's Vapor Hoody.

It's a paper-thin wool-blend hooded top that fits and feels like a cotton tee, but is wicking and breathable. The breeze virtually blows right through, but sun and bugs are kept out. It dries quickly and does not stink - you can wear it day after day after day. Which I did.

Duckworth is a Bozeman-based Merino wool clothing company whose wool comes exclusively from a ranch near Dillon, Montana (some backstory). These sheep live in the Pioneer Mountains (I assume it's the 'Neers) all summer long, so their product is grown to be perfectly suited for folks like me who spend time in the mountains.

Or those who spend a lot of time in boats. 
To follow along with their wool operations, like Duckworth on Facebook. They often post about moving the sheep up into the mountains for summer, bringing them back down, the guard dogs, etc. It's fun.

The Vapor Hoody is ideal for camping, backpacking, or traveling because it's comfortable, suitable for various weathers and packable (along with keeping the sun and bugs off and not getting smelly). It replaced three or four shirts for me. Cool evenings might require an additional layer, but it's thin enough that wearing a sweatshirt or jacket over it is perfectly comfortable.

It works well as a layer. 
I wore it in the humidity of Minnesota's July and the dry smoky sun of Montana in August. In either case, when a cool breeze kicked in, I felt the relief on my skin.

There are plenty of options out there, but Duckworth's Vapor Hoody is my choice for an ideal summer fishing shirt.

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