Monday, June 11, 2018

Cabin fever

So the truck camper didn't work out for us. It just wasn't quite what we'd hoped it would be slash couldn't take us as high up the Jeep trails as we'd hoped. We sold it a few months ago, and while we plan to get a camper again in the future (a pull-behind), we've dedicated this summer's adventures to staying in cabins.

We have four trips planned:
one to the Bloody Dick Cabin in Montana's Beaverhead Mountains
one to some new yurts near the Missouri River Breaks
one to the newly opened Green River Lakes Lodge in the Wind River Range foothills
one to some private cabins at Fort Smith on the Bighorn River
and one to the Axolotl Cabin near the Axolotl Lakes in Montana's Greenhorn Mountains

Our first trip is to the Bloody Dick Cabin - which we refer to as the Beaverheads Cabin so we don't have to say that name. Hopes are high for getting to some lakes above the cabin, but hopes are also tempered by some reports of the cabin not being in great shape. We're planning to stay five nights; we'll see.

From there, we have the yurts, Green River Lakes (I'm particularly excited about this), the Bighorn, and finally, the Axolotls. The point is, I'm stoked. Not all will go as planned, but we'll have our fun. Stay tuned...

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