Monday, July 26, 2021

Man versus feet, at Heart Lake

I hate my feet and they hate me. Our dysfunctional relationship was never more apparent than our recent backcountry cutthroat pilgrimage in Yellowstone National Park. I mangled them and they let me know how they felt about that. 

But my feet and I made enough peace to experience some of the best dry-fly cutthroat trout fishing a human can have at Yellowstone 's Mosquito Office: Heart Lake. 

I'll be brief for now:

The mosquitos were real bad. A photo exists of about 70 (no joke) suckling on my hapless shoulder. 

No one got eaten by a bear. We, including one party member who (carefully) seeks out bears for videos, didn't even see one. 

It was superb. Classic, cutthroat-trout fly fishing for specimens from 15 to 20 inches (and truly few smaller).  And we got some lakers. More to follow in the new edition of the Flyfisher's Guide to Yellowstone National Park, due out in a few years. 

A true delight. 

Heart Lake, Yellowstone
Still water. 

Heart Lake Yellowstone
Ant eater.

Heart Lake Yellowstone
 Bye Fishia. 

Heart Lake Yellowstone
Gotcha. Or did you get me? 

Heart Lake Yellowstone lake trout
Look at that vermiculation. 

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