Sunday, February 6, 2011


If casting dries to trout is classical music, shooting big streamers to saltwater fish is rock 'n' roll.

Trout, hatches, mountains and cold rivers, are all wonderful, but I want more rock'n'roll.
It was time to plan the next trip as soon I arrived home from Costa Rica. The first mention of petty politics on the radio or television is terribly disheartening. The first stroll through the supermarket is completely heartbreaking - back to the grind.
We're tentatively planning on the Bahamas for bonefish next February. It's not totally shooting big streamers, but it's still awfully rock'n'roll, using 6 to 8 weights for two- to 12-pound fish. From Wikipedia (the world's foremost fly fishing authority): "The bonefish, also known as 'phantom' or 'gray ghost', is probably pound for pound the strongest and fastest moving animal of any salt-water fish."
Until then, Rocky Mountain trout will have to get me by.


cofisher said...

Personally, I'll take the classical side, but sure enjoy hearing others rock n roll moments.

Josh Bergan said...

Hey, I love me some Stravinsky, but sometimes my soul yearns for Bon Scott.