Wednesday, February 9, 2011

HB 309 (limiting stream access) passes House

Montana House Bill 309 (redefining irrigation ditches, or limiting stream access) passed the house of representatives this afternoon by a 55-44 vote. I'm not totally sure (didn't pay attention to my school house rock) but I think from here it goes to the senate, then to the governor. My representative, whom I e-mailed more than once, voted yes. He will be getting another e-mail.

For more on the details, read this Montana Standard (Butte, Mont.) article.


Unknown said...

BOO! Get to writing; this thing can't pass! Yet another reason why politics STINKS.

Josh Bergan said...

CLARIFICATION: I researched what these "readings" are - it as to pass the third reading, which will be tomorrow (Feb. 10) before it goes to the senate, where it gets three readings. If that all passes, it goes to the gov.

Josh Bergan said...

From Wikipedia: "At the second reading the general merits of the bill are considered — it is out of order to criticise a bill at this stage for technical defects in drafting. After the second reading the bill is referred to a committee, which considers the bill line by line proposing amendments. The committee reports to the legislature, at which stage further amendments are proposed. Finally a third reading debate at which the bill as amended is considered in its entirety." Hopefully they'll amend some of the "technical defects".