Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Edges

Runoff? More like fun-off. Apparently, you just have to know where to go. My buddy Ben, his lady friend Christine and I hammered trout on a beautiful June day in running water.
Ben playing one of about 30 trout he pulled from that hole. No jive.
Foxee Red.
Just pound the soft water. I even caught my first chub on a fly, and Ben randomly caught a grayling. Zonkers, Clousers, worms, Hare's Ears, Princes, and P-tails.
There were about 32 other fishermen - including two other fly anglers - and many stringers of big fish. 


Midge Man said...

Truth is they've got to eat and there's lots to snack on out there when the river is stirred up. Over the years I has probably found more truly large fish when they have to hold the soft water than any other time short of the spawns. Great trip report!

Sanders said...

Well done sir! sounds like a pretty sweet day on the water.

schnitzerPHOTO said...

Nice work once again. Soft water is the key, and there are plenty of hungry fish when the water begins to surge.

Josh Bergan said...

Thank you! I have a feeling I'll be out after it again this weekend.